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BLACK+DECKER UV LED Light Bulb Electric

Bug Zapper for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Helps protect Up to 500 Square Feet

About this item

  • Indoor & Outdoor Bug Zapping Bulb Serves as an LED Light & Insect Catcher, Killing Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Wasps & Bees Upon Contact| Covers Indoor & Outdoor Spaces Up to 500 Square Feet
  • Bulb Includes a Quiet, Yet Powerful Ultraviolet Bulb, Which Lures Bugs Day or Night, from Dusk to Dawn | Cage Grid Zaps, Catches & Collects Casualties for Stress-Free Cleaning Via Removable Tray
  • Unit Features a Standard LED Light for Practical Illumination | Discreet, Versatile Design is Perfect as a Replacement for Floor & Table Lamps, Ceiling Fans, Pendasnt Lights, Yard, Patio, Garage & More
  • Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free Zapper Requires No Dangerous Sprays, Glues, Pesticides or Poisons, So its Safe Around Pets & Children | Pack Arrives w/ Bonus Cleaning Brush for Sweeping Away Excess Bug Debris
  • Portable Device is Lightweight & Compatible w/ Most Standard Bulb Sockets | Exterminate Your Bathroom, Kitchen & Other Areas of the House, Outdoor Campsite, Deck, Dock, Barn, Shed, Warehouse & More

Illuminate to exterminate!

From annoying gnats and mosquitoes to june bugs and house flies, nothing is worse than pesky insects infiltrating your personal space. But why stress with those impossible rackets, wands and electric swatters, when you can screw in a bulb and call it a day?

The Black & Decker Bug Zapper Bulb installs in any standard socket and provides around-the-clock relief from all kinds of common pests. Sit back and relax as the UV LED light attracts, zaps and catches dead bugs without any human intervention at all. Once full, empty the removable collection tray to start fresh!

Ultraviolet Light

Enjoy commercial strength pest control without the need for dangerous traps, repellents, poisons, sprays, chemicals or costly treatments

Quiet Operation

Just a quick little crackle, and flying critters are done! The UV bulb’s ideal brightness blends perfectly indoors or outside

Multiple Modes

Bugs only come out at night? Flip the power switch, and the bulb cycles from LED light to UV zapper to both modes at once

Cleaning Brush

Safely rid the machine’s cage grid of dust, dirt and residual bug buildup—just remember to unplug first!

Collection Tray

Save money on replacement bulbs; once the cage reaches capacity, simply remove, empty and return the tray

Ample Coverage

Our powerful UV wavelength attracts insects 20+ feet away, treating indoor and outdoor areas up to 500 square feet

Bite the dust

House Flies, Biting Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Moths, Fruit Flies, Beetles.

For indoors, outdoors or anywhere insects invade

Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Enclosed Patios, Sheds & Garages, Decks & Balconies, Pools & Docks, Campgrounds, Cafeterias, Pens & Stables.

Save the day, light the way

Whether you’re camping outdoors, barbecuing in the backyard or cooking in the kitchen, the Bug Zapper Bulb provides double the convenience.

In addition to protecting people and pets from bug bites, the light provides practical illumination—just screw into any lamp, ceiling fan or socket.

Bait, switch, zap!

Don’t spray or swat—lure flies to their doom!

Illuminate and eradicate with the Bug Zapper Bulb


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